Jessica E. Wagenseil, Principal Investigator

Laboratory and Personal Mission

The Wagenseil Vascular Mechanics Laboratory seeks to understand how mechanobiology and biomechanics of the large arteries contribute to normal cardiovascular function in development and abnormal function in disease. To accomplish this goal, I work with trainees and colleagues to identify significant and novel research directions, design and successfully complete experimental and computational research projects, and disseminate our research results and interpretation to the scientific and broader community. My personal mission is to mentor my trainees to become independent scientific investigators with the skills and attributes necessary to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Mentoring Philosophy

I understand that each trainee is different from each other and from me. These differences drive innovation, creativity, and challenges. I will make every effort to get to know each trainee’s whole, authentic self and tailor my mentoring approach accordingly, when possible. I am explicit about the commitments that I make to my trainees and that I expect them to make to me and to the laboratory as a whole. We will review and sign an agreement that will be revisited yearly. I will work tirelessly for each trainee’s personal success while they are in the laboratory, and beyond.

The image on this page and the following description is from The image is meant to show that racial justice and support for marginalized communities cannot be separated from the practice of science. We must actively work to recognize the obstacles that scientists (and potential scientists) from marginalized communities face, and dismantle structures of power that prevent them from succeeding. We must also consider the effects of our research and research choices on marginalized communities.