BrightPath’s Young Black Scholars LEAP Program

Dr. Wagenseil and Dr. Weisensee worked in collaboration with the BrightPath STEAM Academy to present the Young Black Scholars LEAP Program. LEAP stands for “Learning Engineering to Accentuate Possibilities”. For six weeks of Saturdays, 16 middle school students and their chaperones came to the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis for lectures and hands on activities focused on different areas of engineering. The schedule included:

Dr. Barani RamanThe mysterious sense of smell
Dr. Young-Shin JunIntroduction to environmental challenges and environmental engineering
Dr. Marcus FostonMaking plastics from plants
Dr. Spencer LakeMusculoskeletal soft tissue mechanics
Dr. Damena AgonaferBeat the heat
Dr. Alvitta OttleyMaking sense of data